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All shooting courses qualify for the training portion of the Florida Concealed Weapons and Firearms License 

NRA Range Safety Officer Certification - August 18, 2018

The NRA Range Safety Officer program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification. NRA Range Safety Officers are people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

NRA Range Safety Officers should be safety-conscious shooters who would like to 

become involved with Range Operations and Supervision. The NRA and I encourage active shooters to learn more and become responsible for the safety of fellow shooters through this program.

What You Will Learn:

• Introduction to the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Development Course

• The Role of the NRA Range Safety Officer and Range Standard Operating Procedures

• Range Inspection and Range Rules

• Range Safety Briefing

• Emergency Procedures

• Firearm Stoppages and Malfunctions

• Test and Review

Upon completion of course, there is a $30 credentialing fee that is paid directly to the NRA.

This course is 8 hours long plus a lunch break. Each Range Safety Officer Candidate will receive an RSO Student Study Guide, various informative brochures, an NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, and a Course Evaluation form. Total Cost $125. Deposit $25 to hold your space. THIS IS A NON-SHOOTING CLASS. Please register online at this link https://www.nrainstructors.org/CourseDetails.aspx?Courseid=494089&seats=6&State=n&zip=32724&radius=25.1&id=5&bsa=&youth=&women=Thank you!

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

This thorough full-day NRA shooting course goes beyond the basic introduction to the fundamentals of gun safety. You are taught the importance of attitude, skills and knowledge needed to use a firearm safely. Additionally pistol and revolver parts and functions, range rules, ammunition, fundamental shooting elements, cleaning the handgun and proper storage and much more is covered. This is a LIVE FIRE course.

What do you need to bring? Your willingness to learn and an excellent attitude.

Also bring a snack, lunch and drinks. If you have your own gun, please bring it UNLOADED, with an empty magazine and your owner’s manual. If you do not have a handgun, please let me know so I can have guns and ammo that you can use.

What will you take home? Hard cover reference book, brochures, class handouts, eye and ear protection, info on the Florida State Statutes, and more. The application packet for the Florida Concealed Weapons and Firearms License is available for you to take. Your Course Completion Certificate will be awarded before you leave, once you have successfully completed the course.

When you leave it will be with the knowledge and confidence that you are prepared to handle a firearm safely.

All of my shooting classes qualify for the training needed to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons/Firearms License.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by clicking this link www.nrainstructors.org

Date: TBA

Total Cost: $100.00 

Deposit $30 to hold your space in class.

Will be offered in May - Date TBA

Gun Cleaning/Maintenance Class

Date TBA

Bring your unloaded gun and magazines, keep your ammo in your car.

You will learn how to field strip your gun so that you can clean it. You will learn how to examine your gun once it is apart. You will learn how to clean and lubricate your gun. You will learn how to reassemble your gun. You will learn how to function check your gun with no ammunition to be sure that it is in perfect working condition!

This is a NON NRA course.

Fee: $20

Register or inquire by email - [email protected] with the subject line of Gun Cleaning 

Will be offered in May - Date TBA